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This article is not for sensitive people, I am not responsible for any harm that maybe caused due to it, you have been warned.

Who allowed all of this?

You may ask how do government or even people accept such act of murdering babies? the answer is evolution of cause, the source of all the chaos in the world, in the evolution theory there is something called "Phylogeny Recapitulates Ontogeny" which state that Embryo as some stages are considered animals, and because killing animals isn't as bad as killing humans, whoever believe the evolution joke won't see a problem murdering 29,662,768 baby and that's number is increasing check this link, "Phylogeny Recapitulates Ontogeny" was a part of Ernst Haeckel who we proved to be a lair in the Evolution is a joke article, also check this video for more information, and so since we proved it wrong, killing a human Embryo is the same as killing a normal human!!!

What religion has to say

In Islam, after 40 days (almost 6 weeks) from being a sperm, the Embryo will have a soul, when a soul gets out of the body, it won't go back, that's why no science can never ever revive any creature, and so killing a Embryo with a soul is considered killing, and abortion is completely prohibited in Islam.

Materialism role in abortion

Of cause materialistic view play a role here, remember this article titled "A Former Planned Parenthood Instructor Admits They Push Sex Ed In Elementary Schools In Order To Create A Market For Abortion As Children Age", well the thing goes a lot deeper then that, Planned Parenthood is running a Embryo/Baby parts market in the darkness, what Planned Parenthood does at abortion is a technic that takes away the baby without cutting it, as follows:

They take what they need and the rest they CRUSH IT! !!!! !!!

And sell that for money, for BLOODY MONEY!! that's what materialistic world is, killing for money, murdering for money, Planned Parenthood CEO talked about this and denied anything that has to do with selling body parts, but the evidence are clear, let me introduce you.

Planned Parenthood market

An investigation by The Center for Medical Progress with doctors/nurses/CEOs of Planned Parenthood showed what is going on behind the walls, as those "doctors" deal with bunch of people to sell the body parts of babies, the link takes you to a list of videos that show them dealing with someone who recorded everything secretly and they answered the WHY? and HOW? and WHO?

In one of the videos at min 5:13 that murderer said :

Abortion ban is a law, and laws are up to interpretation.

Understood the world we live in? she kept eating as if the topic was a normal thing, where is the human heart? You could go and watch the videos yourself and see the truth, THE HARD TRUTH.

Just think about it!

If you still think abortion is normal, I want you to take a look at this:

Imagine if that was YOU! imagine if you were killed before you see the light, do you accept it for yourself? if yes then tell me what you fear death?

Who cares about baby part?

You may ask why would anyone with half brain cell ever want to buy an aborted baby body? the answer is: to use it in their products...

I am not joking, some products have human fetal tissue cells, most importantly the liber HEK 293 cells I quote:

are a specific immortalised cell line originally derived from human embryonic kidney cells

The HEK 293 cells and other fetal tirues are used in many organic products like foot and makeup, and since there is no other source of these cells other then human embryo, the market of abortion must continue if the seller of these products want to continue, that's materialism in one go.

To use an external resource, I quote from this article:

there’s a chance that you have a product that was made using human fetal cells. While it’s not a universal practice, certain brands in the cosmetics, food, and medical industries use fetal cells for a variety of purposes, from testing and production to inclusion in the final product.

How abortion is done!!

One way abortion is done is using "Dilation and Evacuation Abortion" and its done like this:

Imagine that's you being killed like that, how can you be so heartless to accept this???

Baby boxes

In case a women didn't want to kill her baby early, she will throw him when he born the trash, to fix this a baby box or "Safe Haven Baby Boxes" was created so "FREE" women can put her baby in it if she didn't want him.


I don't even know what to say...

China is worst

China made a policy in 1979 called "one child policy" in which you can only have one child, and if you give birth to another, you will be lead to force abortion, but because some sick faith, the farmers believed they must have a boy in the first birth, and so this policy was updated later to allow another child if the first child was a girl, China "culture" prefers boys over girls, and it is the first country that suicide rate among women is higher then men Source, and here is a Video for your eyes to see.

I quote from this article:

The one-child policy proved to be the most draconian birth reduction program in history. It enforced a one-child limit for all couples, a policy soon expanded to two children for couples whose first child was a girl. Under the one-child policy, the Communist Party, by its own estimation, prevented over 400 million births and carried out over 336 million abortions. More children were aborted under the one-child policy than the entire population of the United States.

That's our world today, murderer for the sake of "freedom"...

when the buried female infant is asked, for what crime she was slain [Quran 81:8-9]
As such their associates made it attractive to the idolaters to kill their children so that they ruin them and confuse them about their religion. But had Allah willed, they would not have done so. Therefore, leave them to their false inventions. [Quran 6:137]